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  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app
  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app
  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app
  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app
  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app
  • The best Search and Filter Shopify app

The best Search and Filter Shopify app

FlashSearch has all you need for advanced search and filtering features. Everything is built in a way that is easy to understand, accessible and easy to start for everyone.

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The leading Search and Filter app

FlashSearch is built for people who don’t like the complexity of using it.
We understand how important your time is, and we try to make it as easy
as possible to make FlashSearch accessible to you.

FlashSearch is built on top of Elastic and optimized for extremely fast searching and filtering.

FlashSearch is designed for cross-platform, we will develop and launch Shopify version first. Other versions will be released soon.

Smart algorithms allow you to suggest the right keywords or freely manipulate search results to upsell products.

FlashSearch is compatible with top Shopify themes and Shopify apps to ensure uninterrupted usage.

Built and thoroughly researched so users can understand how to use it as quickly as possible. Your time is gold, don’t waste it.

Detailed reporting and analysis of user behavior, you can also see how much more money FlashSearch has made you.

Trusted by 500+ Businesses over 160 Countries and 24+ Languages

Powerful filter

You can add product attributes to filter like weight. This is a very cool feature that jewelry businesses really need.
In addition, you can filter products by other basic attributes such as price, tag, vendor….

Filter by attribute and metafield
Displays and works quickly

Smart and flexible search

Search is focused and develops advanced features that allow you to navigate and prioritize potential products during the search process. The system also automatically recognizes and suggests if you misspelled keywords.
There are many other advanced features that are very useful for businesses who want to focus on product search optimization.

Easy and simple to config
Work immediately with any theme

Easily customize search bar dropdown

You can easily change and configure the components that customers will see after entering keywords. Easily let them see products or pages or blogs that have the right results for the keywords searched.
We made it intuitive and easy to understand for everyone to see how it work.

Customize everything from backend
Easy to understand and start

How to grow your business with FlashSearch

It’s simple to grow a business with FlashSearch, we help customers have a
better experience and based on the data collected, you will know product trends and
focus on driving sales of products are of interest to customers.

Quick setup in some
simple steps.

Track customer trends on
your store

Grow your data-driven business

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say about FlashSearch

Experience a smarter way to grow your business

With All-in-one Shopify Search and Filter app

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