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What is Flash Search & Filter?

Flash Search is a Shopify application that allows customers to search or filter to find the right products quickly. Store owners can also use Flash Search's advanced features to navigate the products they want to be found most by customers.

How is Flash Search's search function different from the default Shopify theme's functionality?

With Shopify's default themes, you must accept search results that are subject to Shopify's algorithm. With Flash Search, you can have a more optimized algorithm, you can also use more advanced features such as sorting results, synonyms, keyword suggestions when typing wrong....here are the common scenario that customers often encounter and it is not resolved by Shopify. That's why Flash Search was born to improve search and provide a better user experience.

Shopify 2.0 already supports filters, why should I use filters from Flash Search?

Similar to the search function, Shopify's filtering function stops at the basic algorithms and it cannot work when you have too many products (eg 10,000 products). With Flash Search, the filtering function is developed deeper and smarter, it can also work with stores with a large number of products, even 500,000 or 100,000 products or more. You can also choose from a variety of filter interface types such as portrait, landscape or some other position and the application supports it. Even if you know how to program, you can customize it to your liking. It's hard to explain it all here, but basically, the filtering is much more advanced than Shopify's default. It's for large businesses that want to deliver the best customer experience.

How is the price of the application calculated?

The price you pay monthly is based on the number of products you have in the store. Product quantity levels from 1000 to 500,000, if you have more than the above, you can contact us to get the best price. Basically, we calculate the most competitive prices and are most suitable for medium and large businesses. The benefits that Flash Search & Filter brings will definitely not let you down, we work every day to provide the best customer experience for both you and your customers.

Can I get any discount?

Sure, you can get a pretty good discount if you pay annually, which will be a boon for your business. We will also develop affiliate program soon and you can make money with us. We always look forward to long-term and sustainable cooperation with you.

Which Shopify themes are Flash Search & Filter compatible with?

Flash Search is compatible with MOST ALL Shopify themes, which is quite understandable since we will be replacing the collection page from the theme with the Collection page from Flash Search. The app is compatible with all official themes from Shopify theme store, in addition, the app is also compatible with famous themes from ThemeForest such as Kalles, Gecko, Basel, Elessi. There will certainly be shortcomings in the first versions, but with a team of experienced personnel and progressive spirit, we are committed to solving the problems you are facing as quickly as possible. We understand your time is golden.

What Shopify apps is Flash Search compatible with?

It will depend on which application it is, currently Flash Search is compatible with some famous review applications such as Ryviu, Yopto, Stamped.io, Loox, AliReview and the multilingual application Weglot. We will also integrate popular apps like wishlist, compare, quickview, page builder in the near future.

Does Flash Search support custom customization?

Yes, we are happy to do that, we can customize related skins or features in our scope, namely customize filter interface, customize product grid interface for compatibility with your theme, customize the look and feel of the search... It depends on your requirements but if we can make it, we will certainly deliver the highest quality of work.

How will Flash Search support customers?

We support customers via live chat service, but in the early stages, our funding is quite limited, so we will try to support as much as possible and in the future, when the application can bring revenue, we will upgrade support to 24/7. We really want to give our customers the best experience, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help. In case we are not online, I hope you can stay calm and leave a message, we will help you find a solution as quickly as possible, we promise...

Where can I see the user manuals?

You can check out the user manual at https://docs.flashsearch.io/ and we will also update the video tutorials soon. We will update the guide regularly every day to help it bring a lot of useful information to you, you will save time contacting support. Don't hesitate to let us know if you need instructions or explanations about any feature, we'll update it right away. Delivering an enjoyable customer experience is our way of working.

How do I pay my monthly expenses? Does it guarantee data security?

All payments go through Shopify and you can rest assured of security.

What happens if my free trial is expired?

Before 3 days the free trial expired, we will send you a notification email to let you know your trial will end soon. Within 3 days, please select a subscription plan to continue using the app. After your free trial expired, you won't be able to access the app admin any longer except the pricing page, and all the app features will be disabled on your store, which means your store will use the default search and filter features of your theme.

Can I have all features during the 15-days free trial?

You have no limitation during the trials no matter how many products you have. And we believe you will have a great experience with our app. If you have any questions or issues during the trial, please contact us at support.flashsearch.io

Will your app charge me automatically after the trial is expired?

You will not be charged automatically after the trial is expired. You only be charged when you decide to upgrade to a subscription plan.

Can I have a refund if I don't need the app anymore?

We apologize that we don't offer a refund. We offer 15 days free trial for you to try our app before making a subscription.